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Negotiation News:  Ideas for Counsel and Clients

Introductory Information

Volume 1

  • 1-1: Preparing Your Client for Mediation
  • 1-2: Overcoming Mediation Confidentiality and Getting the Agreement Enforced
  • 1-3: The Pros and Cons Of Mediation Confidentiality and What, If Anything, To Do About Them
  • 1-4: Why Can't I Get This Case Settled?  Perhaps We Have a Crawford Problem
  • 1-5: . . . And Now For Something Lighter (Humannizing Your Client in Mediation)
  • 1-6: Mediating With Potentially Inadequate Insurance Proceeds

Volume 2

  • 2-1: The Elimination of Court Ordered ADR And The New Reality In LASC
  • 2-2: Tell Me Again: Why Are We Settling This Case?
  • 2-3: General Update
  • 2-4: In Re Marriage of Woolsey: When Statutes and Local Rules Collide

Volume 3

  • 3-1: Managing "An Inning Ahead"
  • 3-2: Difficult People: Tips on How to Deal With Them
  • 3-3: Forgiveness
  • 3-4: Reconciliation
  • 3-5: Persistence and Follow-Up
  • 3-6: The Opportunity to Solve a Problem

Volume 4

  • 4-1: What Type Are You in Mediation?
  • 4-2: Don't Fall in Love During Mediation
  • 4-3: If You Like It, Then You Better Get A Sig(nature) On It
  • 4-4: The Sound of Silence (Redux)
  • 4-5: Speak Their Language!
  • 4-6: It's Only Just a Matter of Trust

Volume 5

  • 5-1: Stuck In The Middle With You:  How You Get In Affects How You Get Out
  • 5-2: Will All Things Remain Confidential In Mediation?
  • 5-3: Freeze Frame?  Best Not To
  • 5-3: Face: ¬†How to Maintain It and how to Save It

Volume 6

  • 6-2: Hardball!
  • 6-3: Are You Ready?

Volume 7

  • 7-1: Taking the Problem-Solving Approach to Resolving Disputes
  • 7-2: Bad Faith Negotiation Tactics and Negotiators: How to Spot Them and What to Do About Them

For more information about Sean Judge's mediation services, please see Experienced Dispute Resolution Services, on this website.

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[* California Rule of Professional Conduct 1-400 requires me to inform you that the results obtained on other cases do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.]


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