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Dispute Resolution REFERENCES

I invite you to read what some of my many satisfied dispute resolution clients have said about their experience with my services: *

•  Thomas Feher of The Simon Law Group:

"I had an opportunity to work with Sean and he was very approachable. He attempted to work both sides fairly and even though we did not settle at mediation, he helped lay the groundwork for a settlement a few weeks later."

•  Steve Spencer, Esq., of Steinberg & Spencer Injury Lawyers:

"I have worked with a lot of skilled mediators in my career. I would list Sean Judge as among the most effective. He gets the issues, and works hard towards resolution."

•  Kent Brandmeyer, Esq., of Law, Brandmeyer & Packer, LLP:

"My firm had the opportunity to retain Sean as a mediator in a difficult and emotional medical malpractice wrongful death case. Sean focused in on the key issues right away and managed the settlement process in a fair and effective manner, leading to a win-win agreement. We won't hesitate to use him again."

•  Andrew L. Shapiro, Esq.:

"In a very short period of time, it was clear to me that Sean is bright, hard working, knowledgeable, has an excellent demeanor and certainly knows how to effectively work the parties toward resolution. I would not hesitate to utilize his mediation services in the future."

•  Richard S. Klein, Esq.:

"Bright, creative and determined to succeed.  Sean is one of the best mediators I have ever worked with."

•  Ashley Felando, Mercury Insurance Group:

"Mr. Judge did a great job getting both sides to see the opposition’s point of view. I would recommend Mr. Judge’s mediation services to others to settle civil matters."

•  William M. Zimmerman, Esq.:

"Mr. Judge conducted the mediation in a very professional and competent manner.  He was very thorough in addressing all of the relevant issues and made my clients feel comfortable with the process.  I would highly recommend Mr. Judge to anyone requiring a mediator and would definitely retain him for cases in the future."

• Bruce A. Armstrong, Coleman Frost LLP:

"I found Mr. Judge to be quite accommodating and insightful in the handling of a commercial breach of contract and fraud case. He showed a keen understanding as he explored the issues, and his observation of the demeanor of the parties and issues germane to settlement was superior."

•  Benjamin Charchian, Esq.:

"Being randomly assigned to Mr. Judge for mediation, I was apprehensive whether the proceeding would be fruitful.  Once the mediation began, however, his skillful approach quickly instilled in me a sense of confidence.  While the mediation did not lead to settlement, the parties being too far apart, through Mr. Judge’s abilities, I obtained a better understanding of the case, putting me on better footing to reach settlement in the future.  I would recommend Mr. Judge to anyone."

•  Bradley S. Wallace, Esq.:

"Mr. Judge’s professionalism and commitment to the issues helped facilitate a fair and reasonable settlement of the case.  I recommend him highly to any attorney who wants their case settled."

•  Adrian M. Baca, Esq.:

"Thank you for serving as mediator.  I don’t believe success is measured by settlement.  Rather, in my book, success is affording each side access to a skilled and impartial mediator.  This was accomplished."

•  Heywood G. Friedman, Esq.:

"Mr. Judge served as the mediator in a hotly disputed, multi-party civil action, which had as its basis numerous disputes over a large scale home improvement project.  Through Mr. Judge’s efforts at the mediation session, and his follow up telephone calls, the parties were able to realize a settlement.  I recommend Mr. Judge as a mediator."

•  Marshall Rubin, Esq.:

"Excellent mediator."

•  Jay Borgeson, Esq.:

"Thanks for assisting with getting our case settled.  It was an important case to the involved parties, and the resolution dignified all concerned.  Your approach worked well for us."

•  Paul D. Spear, Esq.:

"Mr. Judge settled a case that I thought had little chance of settling.  He listened and understood my position.  He was fair and made several useful suggestions that moved both parties closer to settlement.  I will use him as a mediator every time I have the opportunity.:

•  Jilber S. Jamgochyan, Esq.:

"Mr. Judge is a skilled mediator who was very instrumental in bringing the parties toward a global settlement."

•  John Paul Fuchs, Esq.:

"I have been practicing law approximately 30 years.  I have had experience with many mediators.  Sean Judge is an experienced and fair mediator.  He is well prepared and listens to both sides.  He actively works toward a meaningful settlement.  The bottom line:  He is fair, experienced and credible.  I would certainly recommend his services."


If you're an attorney or business interested using my services as a mediator or arbitrator, or as an advisor on mediation, arbitration, or other ADR strategies and approaches, please see the fees & expenses page of this site for my current rates. If you'd prefer, just call for my rates and any additional information you need. My contact information is below and on the dispute resolution services page of this site. I look forward to helping you.

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For more information, please see "How to Choose a Mediator on this website.

[*California Rule of Professional Conduct 1-400 requires me to inform you that these testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.]


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